Lishy Mariusgenser: Knitted Christmas Jumper



100% Acrylic Yarn

To produce one of these knits is time-consuming, highly specialised and technically intricate work. Using the latest hi-tech knitting machines, it takes 45 minutes to weave the front and back sections. The sleeves are cut by hand and the collar is attached by carefully feeding each jumper into a separate machine – all of which is done by hand, by experts.

Size Guide

Fit Scale: 2 (1=tighter, 4=looser)

It’s not always about being bold and brash with your Christmas attire. This sleek, Scandinavian-inspired Nordic knit lets you blend into the background while simultaneously setting yourself apart from the crowd. It’s a fresh take on a classic design. It’s simple, but it’s stylish.

Our knits designed, produced and distributed domestically to ensure all knits are made in fair and ethical conditions while minimising carbon emissions. Find out more here.

Furthermore, 50% of all proceeds will be donated to environmental charities, to ensure we help make a difference.