Reclaim the Game

The failed European Super League project demonstrated the best and worst of modern football in the space of a few days. Fortunately, the collective solidarity of all football fans triumphed over the insatiable greed of a few wealthy owners.

Despite this victory, modern football remains broken and unsustainable. This momentum should not be lost - ‘Reclaim the Game’ is a fan led movement pushing for further reforms to the game we love because ultimately, football is for the fans.

Our five reforms to reclaim the game:

  1. Fan Ownership
  2. Independent Regulation
  3. Football for all
  4. Money for Grassroots
  5. Fairer Ticketing

    The real fight begins now.

    We are donating 100% of proceeds from every sale to Grassroots Organisations and charities. We donated over £55k to charity through similar campaigns during the 2020 pandemic.